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[APD] Re: too much iron in water

Bill, thanks but this water is already going through almost exactly the type
of filter you are talking about, plus a large fiber wound filter to remove
most particulate matter.  We just have a ton of ferric and ferrous iron in
our water.  The water starts out as a light yellow, slowly changing to a
nice caramel color as it is exposed to air and more of the iron oxidizes.

IF the plants can use enough of the iron to help reduce the color and IF it
isn't toxic to the fish, I'll just stick with using the well water.  If
either (or both) cases don't hold true, then I will be forced to get an R/O
unit I guess.

As for the softened water, we have very very soft water straight from the
well.  There is very little as far as Mg or Ca in it.  The softeners are
used as they also remove the iron (goes through 1 softener, a tannin bed to
remove the tannins that sequester iron, and then another softener...).


Robert Chady
Cadott, WI  where everything is white (more snow so far than the past 2
years combined) and more is on the way!
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