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[APD] RE: K+ and Color

Dr. Morin said,

"As to why you saw this difference I would surmise it may have more do with how much is used vs the composition of the product. In other words the plants needed a lot more calcium than they were getting at the level of usage you had the Equilibrium at. So it's possible you may have seen the same result by using more Equilibrium or more frequently. What was the GH of the water after using Equilibrium vs what it is now using the CaCO3?"

I raised the GH to the same level - 5.5 - using both products, dosing at the same frequency (at water change only). This has been really interesting, because I have been frustrated with this tank for quite some time because all red plants went green in it.

I did pick up some Mg this weekend on a fun outing to www.litemanu.com, but only added it on Saturday so I haven't seen what difference it will make.


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