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[APD] Re:OUCH! Water so hard you could knock on it!

I believe there is the possibility the hardness came from salts (epsom). 
I was dosing a regular amount on water changes on something I had read
it's good for the fish.  Apparently, dispite my 50% weekly water changes
there has been a whole lot of buildup.  I did a water change last night
without readding any, susequent tests showed hardness dropped 9 degrees
to 15.  I plan another mid-week water change, and another on the weekend
to help soften the water.  I'm also going to test tonight to see if
something isn't leaking that would have raised the GH in the past 24
hours.  If it has raised, I will use the other technique mentioned by
another person posting here, to test the rock and gravel.

Dave T.

On 2/9/2004, "Paul Krombholz" <krombhol at teclink_net> wrote:

>     * From: David Terrell <Dave at terrellclan_com>
>My tests have shown the water in my aquarium is 24 degrees GH, 4KH. I
>tested the tap, which revealed 2GH/KH (I raised KH with baking soda).
>I have natural gravel, a large lava rock and laterite. Filtration is
>done by bio balls, and I use compressed CO2. What could be causing
>this and how do I get it to a safer level?
>If the GH is 24 and the KH is only four, that must mean that there is
>a whole lot of CO2 dissolved in the water or that nearly all the GH
>is due to non-bicarbonate  calcium or magnesium salts, which would be
>most unusual.  Try letting the water stand in a shallow pan for a day
>and then test KH.  If it is not a lot higher, then all that GH must
>be due to calcium chloride or calcium sulfate.
>Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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