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Re: [APD] K+ and Color

Equilibrium is not just Ca, of course - it is 23% K (as K20), Ca (19.5%), Mg

8.06% Ca (not 19.5%, which is the K % as elemental K and not K2O)...you just missed a comma and grouped the numbers wrong ;-)

(2.41%), Fe (0.11%) and Mn (0.06). Our water here is very soft - KH&GH <1,
so adding CaCo3 alone leaves the GH entirely from Ca. I also dose with
Flourish and Flourish iron.

As to why you saw this difference I would surmise it may have more do with how much is used vs the composition of the product. In other words the plants needed a lot more calcium than they were getting at the level of usage you had the Equilibrium at. So it's possible you may have seen the same result by using more Equilibrium or more frequently. What was the GH of the water after using Equilibrium vs what it is now using the CaCO3?

-Greg Morin

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