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[APD] Re:OUCH! Water so hard you could knock on it!

* From: David Terrell <Dave at terrellclan_com>

My tests have shown the water in my aquarium is 24 degrees GH, 4KH. I tested the tap, which revealed 2GH/KH (I raised KH with baking soda). I have natural gravel, a large lava rock and laterite. Filtration is done by bio balls, and I use compressed CO2. What could be causing this and how do I get it to a safer level?

If the GH is 24 and the KH is only four, that must mean that there is a whole lot of CO2 dissolved in the water or that nearly all the GH is due to non-bicarbonate calcium or magnesium salts, which would be most unusual. Try letting the water stand in a shallow pan for a day and then test KH. If it is not a lot higher, then all that GH must be due to calcium chloride or calcium sulfate. --
Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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