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[APD] TMG and another fertilizer formula

Can anyone tell me what p/p% means on TMG's bottle (the declaration)? I
wonder whether the elements are expressed in meq/l or in mg/kg; in
anions/cations or in salts?

7 years ago I visited the Zoo of Basel (Switzerland) during a study trip.
They had a large Aquarium department with beautiful planted tanks. Our
teacher asked for the fertilizer formula they used.
Few weeks after we received it per fax. (See bellow)

I would like to compare it with TMG. 
Is there someone here good enough in chemistry to convert Basel's formula in
proportion (P/P%) like the declaration printed on the TMG's bottle?

I already noticed differences: in Basel's formula there is no Mg and the
chelator used (EDTA) is less adapted for aquarium pH than HEEDTA and DTPA.
EDTA works only between pH 3.0 and 6.5.
DTPA between pH 3.0 and 7.0
HEEDTPA ??? chelate until 9.5???

The reason why I want to compare is because I can easily prepare Basel's
formula and I cannot find TMG here in Holland 

Thank you

Plant Fertilizer Nr. 3 Vivarium Zoo Basel

For 1 litre

Substance		Weight		Merck art. Nr.
EDTA			26g			8437.8421
KOH			2,5g			5033
FeSo4	x 7 H2O	20g			3965
CuSo4	x 5 H2O	0,4g			2788
ZnSo4	x 7 H2O	0,8g			8881
MnSo4	x H2O		2,4g			5959
Na2B4O7 x 10 H2O	2g			6303
Na2MoO4 x 2 H2O	0,1g			6521

Original text (German): In dieser Reihenfolge in warmem wasser (40-80°C)
auflösen, mindestens 5 stunden durchlüften. 

Translation?: In this order dissolve in warm water (40-80°C), at least 5
hours respite air?.

Dose: 5 ml for 100 litre of aquarium water

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