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[APD] K+ and Color

About a week ago, I switched from raising my KH & GH with Seachem Equilibrium & Baking soda to using CaCO3. The change in plant coloration has been astonishing. In particular, Rotala macranda and Gratiola officionalis, which had previously only showed non-green colors when almost at the top of the water column now show color most of the way to the base - even older leaves. The gratiola is an incredible purplish red on the undersides of the leaves.

Equilibrium is not just Ca, of course - it is 23% K (as K20), Ca (19.5%), Mg (2.41%), Fe (0.11%) and Mn (0.06). Our water here is very soft - KH&GH <1, so adding CaCo3 alone leaves the GH entirely from Ca. I also dose with Flourish and Flourish iron.

So what caused the color change? Cutting out the K? (I still dose KNO3). Mg deficiency? (I just bought some MgSO4, so we'll see).

All other tank parameters were unchanged.

Interesting, I thought-


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