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[APD] Re: 24" Tweezers

I recieved a pair of 24" tweezers from Arizona Aquatic Gardens about a
month ago and have been using them frequently.
I am pleased with the nimbleness and the size in particular.

I'd had felt they were too big and bulky to get decent use but this is not
the case.

Welcome to the dark side..Next stop......pH controller town! hehehe!

I love my big tweezers, perfect for my 240 gallon. Arizona Aquatic Gardens
was the first place I looked when I was trying to find a good quality set of
2 footers. I have a set of 12 inch Metzenbaum Scissors from then that is
great for trimming. These are the first  big tweezers I've seen them
advertise since 9/11. Peter out there told me their supply was interrupted
after the Trade Center attack, as a lot of their tools were made in


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