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[APD] 24"Tweezers

I recieved a pair of 24" tweezers from Arizona Aquatic Gardens about a
month ago and have been using them frequently. 
I am pleased with the nimbleness and the size in particular.

I find that the 24" size is perfect for most larger tanks in the 18-24"
depth without getting much of your arm wet except maybe the hand a little.
We all have had that incessantly dipping arm that smells of tank and we
often hold back rather than getting all wet and into a big tank work over,
this helps to pick at the tank without committing to a wet swamp fest. 
I'd had felt they were too big and bulky to get decent use but this is not
the case.
They are worth while items.You can sit out of the tank and pick and move
plants around easily. 
Better than trash pick up style tongs.
The smaller tanks less than 16-18"are fine for the 12" range tweezer size.
The nice thing is that you just end up hanging your wrist on the tank edge
and move things around.
Does not take as much energy and you can focus on details better/longer.

Not a bad item and many may find these worth while.

If you do mainteance on large tanks, these are very good to have around

Tom Barr 

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