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Re: [APD] RE: Traces, Tropica master grow -- And for slower Aquaria?

> I know this has been said before, but while we're fresh on
> the subject, may I add 3 more questions?
> And for tanks with added CO2 and 2 or less wpg, you would
> recommend_____?

I've done tanks with flourite etc and a fair amount of well rooted rossette
plants in  mature tank once a week.
The dosage did not change, just the frequency.  

> For those tanks but with Excel added?

Maybe cut it down by 1/2

> Same levels for Flourish as TMG?

Pretty much, you should be able to get away with less generally than what I
suggest for most folks.A little less with the Flourish it seems. 
My recommendations are on the high side, better to have a bit too much and
have it wasted than too little.

But if you have less light, iron/trace rich substrates, tap water sources,
you can certainly get away with less with no ill effects.
Folks have said that adding excess causes algae. Algae have plenty of
traces/excess present no matter what you do. Even if the water is pure, the
amount of iron leaking out is more than enough to support thick mats of
algae on plants. 

If you add 2-3 mls 2-3x a week vs 5mls 2-3x a week on a 20 gal, it's
difficult to see a difference. It is something you might want to try
yourself after getting a good hold of the NO3, CO2, PO4, K+, GH etc. Give
each routine about 3 weeks time.
I'm sure folks can use less generally, plants just don't need much traces,
so seeing differences are going to be subtle.

Tom Barr

> Scott H.

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