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Re: [APD] Traces

Scott H. wrote: 

> Might it not depend, at least in part, on the water? The fishfood?

Yes, and my favorite -- the substrate.  I'm sure there are other factors as 

There are a number of sources for trace nutrients and other factors that can 
effect their availability.  When we add a trace nutrient mix like Flourish 
all we are doing is supplimenting the existing supplies.   In some cases the 
existing supplies can put trace element concentrations at or near toxic 
levels.  In the more usual case the need for supplimental sources can range 
from nothing up to the entire trace requirement for the plants.  Trace 
nutrients are the essential case where "your mileage may vary."

Without specific symptoms I could not jump to a conclusion that slow growth 
or an algae problem is in any way related to trace element shortages.  But 
that's just me.

Roger Miller

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