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[APD] German hybrid Kleiner Bar

Echinodorus Kleiner bar,  a hybrid from Julius Hoechsterr,  from crossing E.
barthi, and  E. uruguayensis, (red horemani). Christel Kasselmann in her
book Aquarium Plants describes this hybrid as "one of the most beautiful and
recommendable cultivars"

It has elliptical leaves that become solid dark red under bright light, and
reaches a height of only 12" It's compact size make it much more attractive
for aquarium use. People in my forum report that it is easy to grow and not
particular about water conditions. Although it has been offered by Dennerle
for a few years now, this is to my knowledge the first time it has become
available in the states thru Florida Aquatic Nurseries. There is a gorgeous
picture of the plant in the Kasselmann book on page 230.  My plants don't
look quite like that! Mine are more of a dark green, but should turn dark
red as they are exposed to more direct light. The shape and color of the
leaves in the Kasselmann book are intriguing.

People from this list have asked me about German hybrids before in the past.
Well this is one of the best that has now made it to the states thru normal
channels. No gurantee how long it will continue to be available. FAN only
carried the Indian red and the Red Flame for a couple of years before
discontinuing them.

Robert Paul Hudson

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