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[APD] RE: Joey's tank

>Hi Tom,  Thanks for replying...I have a 40 G four foot long aquarium, just
recently my coralife 2x65w broke so i had to go back to using those lights
of america 
>shoplights i had lying around (each one holds two t12 40 watt bulbs).  I'm
concerned that each shoplight will not put out exactly 80 watts since it's
shoplight-quality, and >the reflectors are not the best.   In your opinion,
would those shoplights produce enough light for my tank?  I'm deciding
between using 1 shoplight or i could fit two 
>over it that would cover the entire top.   

A 40w x 2 light is plenty for all plants I can think of on a 40 gal long.

>For CO2, I'm currently running two separate 2-liter bottles into two HAgen
CO2 diffusers side by side (it looks cool, all the people that come to my
home for bible 
>study really dig the bubbles going up the ladder, myself included =D)    

Stairway to Heaven?

>I'm feeding my fish twice daily, the fish load is medium (4 white clouds,
10 guppies, 2 mollies)   
>Substrate is 100% flourite..  my water temperature is 74 degrees F ...   

>i dry dose 1 tsp of KNO3, 2 ml of trace mix (Lilymiller Vitamin B1 Plant
starter with chelated iron),  and add 1 tsp of Seachem's neutral
regulator(it has phosphate 
>buffers in it)     every two weeks after a 25% water change.    

Split this up, add 1/2 teaspoon 2x a week of KNO3
4 mls of trace mix 2x a week
Do not use the neutral regulator at all, use the Fleet enema, 2-3 drops 2x
a week.
Do weekly 50% water changes.

This will do more for you than adding more light.

>Please feel free to critique any of my methods as i'm still learning....

>Also, in regards to the 2.1 w/gallon tank that had eusteralis, gloss, and
rotala,  what is the water changing regimen, water quality, co2, fert
dosing regimen, etc..  i would >like to model my own tank after this one.

See above, the routine deltes some K2SO4, but it's unlikely you need it
relative to Nitrogen.

Tom Barr

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