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[APD] growth/algae problems

I have recently installed injected CO2 to my tank and have been going through an adjustment period but the CO2 levels have been fairly constant.After 2 weeks of  an inadequate amount, the C02 levels are about right(15-20).However, I am experiencing an algae problem.It is a film like algae- medium to dark green and it has blanketed most of my plants with some on the substrate and driftwood.After I first noticed it I checked the nitrate and it was high but I have since lowered it.I am also not noticing any growth in the plants although it appears some of them are pearling.My question is will the plants recover from this onslaught of algae or should I rip them out and start over?The tank info. and parameters are as follows.
-120g. tank
-(2) 96W CF lights
-tidepool W/D filter
-Injected CO2
-Flourite substrate
-sunset hydro
-javafern(which is even dying)
-amazon sword
-micro sword
-KH  3
-GH  5
-PH  6.6-7.0
-NO3  ~5
-PO4  included in public water system
-Dose Flourish, Flourish iron and potassium 2X week

Please help.
-Mark Vanvick
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