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[APD] criticism? confusing? ridiculous?

David Aiken wrote:
> On 05/02/2004, at 3:40 AM, Steve Pushak wrote:
> > Let me rephrase my question/objective: I'm looking for a way to relate
> > or
> > convert the Allgayer Teton lux tables for specific aquatic plants to a
> > watts
> > per gallon (WPG) rating for those plants.
> Then why didn't you ask THAT?

I asked in the first post if there were any lux measurements made under
water which could provide an approximate conversion to WPG. I understand all
of the error factors. I believe we can provide for these by bracketing the
numbers. If there are no direct measurements, then we would need to employ
deduction & generalization to arrive at an approximation. I felt it
unnecessary to spend too much time explaining the potential application of
such observations.

I don't want to debate the merits of lux vs. WPG. I don't want personal
criticisms nor condescending lectures either. If my earlier post was in some
way confusing, it might be better to ask for clarification or to let it pass

By the way, "pithy" means having substance and point: tersely cogent. If I
say I am feeling pithy, I am making a pun.

An aphorism is a concise statement of a principle or a terse formulation of
truth or sentiment.

Ubiquitous means being found everywhere. Its just a funny word that seems to
mean more than it does.

Extemporize means to speak on the spur of the moment, sometimes at length.
There are several who write extemporaneously here in the APD. I offer no
explicit judgement whether this is good or bad; some do it very skilfully.

Finally, I suspect that 2 WPG is "too much" light for raising Crypts &
Anubias. Under ideal circumstances, I suspect that 1.5 WPG can be considered
HIGH light but just how high I don't have a figure of merit. Hence the point
of my question.

My purpose, as always, is to stimulate interesting & educational discussion.
Sometimes interesting means a few puns. One might be tempted to make puns
with my last initial yet be warned that to do so would invite retaliation in
kind (joke at your peril). That's a joke, ok?

I stand accused of criticism, confusion & being ridiculous. NOT GUILTY I
plead! Let he who is without criticism, confusion & silliness cast the first
bombast, David. ;-)


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