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Re: [APD] aquarium maintenance program

At 07:35 PM 2/4/2004, you wrote:

Can anyone recommend a freshwater aquarium maintenance program that would
include other than the normal "fish tank" fields, the fields we would use to log planted aquariums (ferts and test result logging) or the ability to add fields to do so. Operating system is xp.


You may wish to look into http://www.aquarix.de/en/ AquariX. Decent program, shareware verion available. Limitless expansion tracking abilities - etc. Pay version includes over 1000 images of plants and fish. Have used it in the past, but now that i have my tanks dialed in, dont really find a need to really track whats going on. Worked well, fairly simple interface when i tried it out.

This program has the option to track up to several hundred tanks i beleive.

<i have no affiliation with this company - just a happy product user when i was playing with it - yadda yadda, full disclaimers, etc>

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