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[APD] pH's at the leaf's surface, bicarb uptake vs use, CO2/non CO2, al gae etc

Tom Barr wrote
"But going back to the CO2/HCO3 issue with the enzymes: having CO2 levels
that bounce around daily or weekly, is BAD for plant growth.
It "confuses" them. And you see bad algae issues in such tanks as some
algae are quick to respond to changes while a larger plant generally is not.
Some algae will die off if you change the non CO2 tank to a CO2 enriched

Given that a stable C02 level is best for plant growth, what is the best way
to achieve this?  I realize that this cannot be achieved by using a yeast
powered C02 system.  So, what is the best way using a C02 system?  Would a
solenoid do it controlled by a Ph meter? 


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