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[APD] RE: CO2 off at night

Clint, no... since the plants are not using CO2 at night, the levels don't
matter as far as growth/maintenace/uptake is concerned.
There is no CO2 demand by plants at night.... except one could argue CAM
plants perhaps.

All you need is excess CO2/high CO2 during the photoperoid.

Many folks with DIY CO2 and a few with gas have too little CO2 1/2 way
through their photoperoids or near week's end before they change the Brew
with DIY.

I think many test only once etc and think it's that level of CO2 all day or
all week.
Many under dose because they are scared that it will harm their fish, but
this is due to no surface movement generally and worrying about driving off
too much CO2. 

But back to the enzymes..............these are what drive uptake.

One could argue that after a week of no NO3 in the water column and a
supply of NO3 in the substrate, that a plant will adapt and allocate more
uptake enzymes to the roots instead of the shoots. Same for PO4 perhaps but
you'll note that adding KH2PO4 elicts an almost immediate respionse from
the plants. Often in about 30-40 minutes or so, you see dramatic increases
in pearling(I'll assume this is better growth etc since O2 is often used
for primary productivity), even if the tank has been PO4 starved for weeks
in the water column.
So this does not hold up for some limiting nutrients.

It might for NO3.

Fe? I think the plant needs both sources(Root and shoot).

Tom Barr

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