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[APD] Compatibility of Rosy Barbs & other fish with Freshwater shrimp

Lorenzo asked about issues between fish and shrimp.  

 My Amano's have had no issues with other fish but on two separate occasions
(about a year between occurrences so it was not the same group of fish), I
have had FFF (Florida flag fish) cause problems.  They didn't bother the
Amano's but shredded, and I mean literally shredded, the ghost shrimp. Not
one or two, all of them. 

The tank had plenty of algae and I fed the discus heavily several times a
day.  I thought the first time was an isolated incident with a group of
psycho fish.  These lawnmowers on crack almost wiped out my mini-riccia in
between attacking innocent shrimp.  A year or so later, I tried them again
since they supposedly eat cladophora.  The replacement ghost shrimp were
also murdered and my recovered mini-riccia was attacked but not badly.  Just
as a precaution, I kept closer tabs on them.  They started the exact same
stunts as the previous batch and were removed.  They came very close to
becoming fertilizer in my front yard!  

I didn't have cherry or bumblebee shrimp at the time but I suspect they
would have met a similar fate due to their size.

I will not put flag fish in my tank again nor will I ever recommend them to
anyone.  There are some APDers who have posted similar experiences to mine
yet others have had great success with them.  


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