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[APD] LCP, violins, pith & aphorism

General George Booth wrote:
> The table is from a little known plant book "The Complete Book of Aquarium
> Plants" by Robert Allgayer and Jacques Teton (1987, ISBN 0-7063-6614-X).
> How about making a personal copy this time so I don't have to type it in
> every two years.

Thank you, George, for graciously providing that for us!

Using the "Allgayer" reference, I was able to locate your posting back in
July of 1995 (approaching 9 years ago). Erik has thoughtfully added it to
the Krib archives at <http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Tech/lighting.html#8> so
there is no need for anyone to type it in again nor to save a personal copy.
It's better as a graph.

Another search using "light compensation point" returns only 1,340 Google
hits, none of which point to George's table.  :`[   Cue violins.

Whilst searching, I found a posting by none other than the Ubiquitous Thomas
Barr (UTB) in July of 2002
<http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/month.200207/msg00293.html> wherein
he makes a very cogent argument that lower light is actually more efficient
for growing plants. Not to mention that it makes algae management easier!

I liked George's pithy remark therein:
> Now I'm reading 4-5 w/g, overdriving bulbs to get the last lumen possible,
> etc. What happened - have modern plants developed light resistance
> Ah, progress.  Always "more is better". I long for the good old days.

If only Scotty could make his quotations a little more pithy then I could
die a happy APDer!

Steve P  Oh to be Sententious & Pithy once more!

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