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Re: [APD] Re: Bubbles? -- or - Can sumpin' be a gas?

--- David Terrell <Dave at terrellclan_com> wrote:
> . . . Questions (assume I've reversed flow):
> -Is the reactor tall enough (I'd say it's ~12-14" tall)?

Yes, I think it's tall enough.

> -Is there enough media to sufficiently break apart
> bubbles  (there are 
> more bio balls in the elbows)

I don't think you need to break up any bubbles, you want to
prevent a single stream of water rushing straight down the
middle -- otherwise, it might carry CO2 bubbles with it,
even with reverse flow.

> -How do I reduce the reverse pressure of the
> pump->airline->regulator?

Why? to slow the flow? If so, then don't use a longer
reactor, use a larger diameter.

My 2 cents worth and change back,
Scott H.

S. Hieber

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