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Re: -4.9: Re: [APD] Re: Bubbles? -- or - Can sumpin' be a gas?

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 10:26, David Terrell wrote:
> Interesting conversation.  Your comment on starvation of O2 in the 
> filter itself is precisely what I worried about, it would just make a 
> big reactor and no bio filtration.  However, my understanding is CO2 and 
> O2 have hardly an relation in water. 

True, in water. A sump is, however, mostly air. I suspect it would still
not be a problem as non-sump filtering seems to work fine with only the
O2 in the water and the exchange of O2 and CO2 in a sump I imagine would
be very rapid... but perhaps someone else understands this issue better
than I!

>  The amount of dissolved CO2 is not 
> related to dissolved O2.  Assuming good aeration during the overflow 
> (very likely with all the turbulence), there should be enough O2 to 
> support a colony of bacteria in the filter.

Comparing your CO2 usage with Scott's I'd say that you have way more
than enough!

> Questions (assume I've reversed flow):

Yes, I think reversing the flow would be most wise.

> -Is the reactor tall enough (I'd say it's ~12-14" tall)?
> -Is there enough media to sufficiently break apart bubbles  (there are 
> more bio balls in the elbows)

I think the answer to these is... it depends, but probably yes. If your
pump is too strong (unlikely) then perhaps the CO2 may pass through too
quickly, but otherwise you should be fine, imho. Whilst I am not an
expert on reactors, I'd guess that if you do have such a problem the
best approach would probably be to use a greater diameter in the
reactor, but at a guess you should be fine.

> -How do I reduce the reverse pressure of the pump->airline->regulator?

If the CO2 entered at the pump inlet you would not have such issues, but 
some people don't like doing as such. 
Otherwise I can't think of much... reduce the friction in the return tubing 
(wider diameter) and make sure the outlet does not cause much friction. 
I guess you could put the CO2 equipment in the ceiling space if you 
wanted to reduce the pressure at the regulator?

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