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[APD] Barbs and shrimp

Lorenzo said:
>Im just concerned if the Rosy Barbs might find the shrimp a nice snack.

I've had a dozen Rosy Barbs in my 75 gallon and 125 gallon tanks along with
small shrimp I catch in the ditches down here in Corpus Christi.  These
shrimp are colorless and about 1 to 1.25 inches long.  Even though they
appear fragile they seem to live a long time in my tanks.  I have never seen
a Rosy Barb go after a shrimp.  In fact I've seen the opposite.  When I
throw in the sinking Wardley shrimp pellets, the shrimp flail their rubbery
arms at the barbs trying to force them away.  Its actually quite comical.

Steve P.
(that is Steve Pituch in Corpus Christi)

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