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Re: [APD] Re: Bubbles? -- or - Can sumpin' be a gas?

Not claiming a *lot* of experience with wet/drys but the
comments make me wonder again. 

Depending on how it's done, it seems that a Trickle filter
will not, or at least need not, cause all the CO2 to
escape. While my experience was an increase in CO2 use of
about double, George Booth has reported results much
better. For both of us, covering the drip chamber was a
part of the system. [As a side note: covering the sump area
*after* the drip chamber seemed to have little effect on
CO2 use.]

Uncovered, I'd expect a trickle chamber to shed almost all
the CO2 -- or a goodly amount anyhow.  Covered, this should
not be the case -- where's it gonna go? In fact, a covered
trickle should be a good place to put your CO2 line, using
the wet/dry chamber as a CO2 reactor, no? I haven't tried
this but I don't see how it would be diff than a smaller
external reactor loaded with bioballs.

Has anyone tried this?

Scott H.
--- CameronM <cameronm at rse_co.za> wrote:
> I am by no means an expert but I think that all your co2
> was escaping by using the trickle filter. Whatever co2
> was left in the water and with minimal surface agitation
> (filters off) your plants liked it. Other more
> experienced listers will probably correct me if I'm
> wrong. 

S. Hieber

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