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[APD] thread algae...

I have a thread algae problem, and all I've found that will eat it are scats (livebearers pick at it, but don't clean it up like the scat, and my siamensis, which have decimated my hair algae don't even notice it).  I don't want to subject a scat to permanent residence in freshwater, not to mention I really don't want one in my tank.

Will any of the Caridina or Necaridena spp. shrimp eat thread algae?  I'm picking up some Amanos tomorrow, and will latter be adding more of different species.

How about a bleach dip?  I'm moving some of the plants and some of the rock into the new permanent 37gal from a 20gal holding tank (where the algae problem is) soon, and wonder if a simple dip would help.  The things that would be dipped would be one piece of lacerock covered in Javafern (and thread algae), a dwarf Lilly bulb with a couple leaves (and plenty of algae), and some Rotala indica also.  I a 1 cup bleach to 5 gallons water mix, soak for about 1-2 minutes, rinse well, dip in second bucket with dechlor solution in it, then into the new clean tank they go... right?

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