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[APD] Bubbles?

Hi all,

I was working on making a Co2 reactor for my compressed CO2. The project only partially failed, I'd like to reverse the flow of water since at the moment the bubbles and water are going the same direction. Now, that's only part of the story...

I've only had plants pearl oxygen in the past while doing water changes, never on a regular basis. Last night after noticing a leak later in the evening I just turned off my pump, in anticipation I would fix it tonight. I came home to find bubbles coming from just about all my plants. Not an impressive amount as I've seen photographed, but more then I've ever seen my tank produce on their own. It made me curious, without the flow of water, without the compressed CO2, now they're pearling? What could possibly be wrong with my setup (wet/dry trickle, 90g AGA overflow) that would cause the plants to seem happier without the filtration + CO2?!


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