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Re: [APD] Re: substate "survival" when moving

I've read before (sorry I can't point exactly to where) that in a planted
tank, the plants  tend to use up all available fish waste as nutrients, so a
biological filter in a planted tank may actually never form.

The source of this information was a story about trying to use biological
filter media from a planted tank to filter an unplanted tank in an
emergency, with disastrous results.

So just a thought... the organic "gunk" that has built up in your gravel
might benefit the plants in your new aquarium, but there's probably very
little there to benefit the fish.

Incidentally, in an established planted tank, since there's no water
movement in the gravel, your substrate is going to be full of anaerobic
bacteria... not convinced? just take a good, deep scoop out of the water and
smell it!  So I could see the logic if someone were to argue that 7-10 days
in a moving truck might not do any harm.  (I just don't have the knowledge
or experience to make that argument with confidence.)


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