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[APD] RE: Substrate survival when moving

Fresh mulm sounds like the way to go to me, too.  I'd think that in cold weather you might have a good shot at a lot of things surviving if the substrate didn't actually freeze, but in hot weather you might lose a lot of the biota if it gets too hot in the moving van.  I've thought about this because I'm anticipating a cross-country move (if the research goes well and someone out there will hire me!) in the next couple of years.  I've never had to move a tank farther than across town in the past.  For this longer move, I've considered taking tanks & equipment & substrate with me, leaving fish & plants in rubbermaid tubs with some kindly fishy friend until things are set up at the other end, then having them air freighted to me--along with some nice mulm and their biowheels--once tanks are setup.  That's assuming I can find someone kind enough or desperate enough for cash to help out.  Good luck!

--diane brown in st. louis

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