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[APD] Re: substate "survival" when moving

could use a little help here please. moving from houston to boston. would 
like to know if the substrate from a couple of tanks was stored in air tight 
containers during move for between 7 to 10 days would the bacteria die or go 
dormant. if i keep a small portion with some water but in air tight container, 
would it still be valuable to seed the tanks after 7-10 days. substrate is 
Flourite with dupla laterite added. 

tanks will be crated and must be empty. move is first week of march so 
temperatures should be cool.  i will be driving and plan on taking a few plants to 
bucket garden until i can set up shop so i can keep a couple of pounds 
submersed if thats the only way. 

if the advise is to trash it, it will make the flower beds grow good, then so 
be it but just throwing away 200lbs. of Flourite does irk me a bit. 

i had posted this question last week(vol5 issue 101) but never saw any 
response although a couple of people did contact me to see if i was close enough for 
them to get some of the substrate. i tried the archives but had trouble 
getting a thread on point. lots of moving, lots and lots of substrate comments, but 
the combo was a little tough. probably operator malfunction.

so PLEASE pretty PLEASE sugar on it HELP :)

rich green in a quiet houston ( what a great game!)
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