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[APD] RE: generalizations about art

> I am starting to think that this is more a semantic thing than anything

Yea, me too. I almost used the "s" word.

> I can't remember the name of the forum that didn't like deviations from
> how-to-grow-plants standard rules.   The chief moderator said that they 
> catered mainly to newbies and they didn't want to confuse them with too
> alternatives.  
> Bill

Ummh, that's alright then:)
They have to pick one method and get their feet wet, which method is not so
They can adjust things later after their interest peaks and they see what
other folks are doing. 

I am finishing up an outline for a book. It addresses many methods and
allows the reader to decide which method is right for them.
I am not partial to any one method.
But it is much more specific in approaching a method and why/how it works.
Hopefully it'll clear up some of the competing method differences and allow
folks to better hone their chosen method.
Also, it'll help folks consider what they can do to further investigate
their own unique tank needs.

While many might argue generalizations with methods, chemistry, funny names
DOC etc, there is also this same issues with aquascaping and the language
and dominate trends there. A new person is very intimated about design,
layout etc.
Even the seasoned vet grower is leary. Some just plain give up, "I'm just a

Many that have distain for art, but like the science............ many that
have distain for the science, but like the art.
I've had run ins over the science issues... but the same person pulled a
180 on me about the art issue. Ack!:-) But go with what you know and learn
what you don't. 

Hopefully these interest will merge later for folks. 

Tom Barr

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