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[APD] Re: Generalizations -- or General benefits, Corporeal

Scott said:

>>I think a good read of APD posts shows that overgenralizing
is rarely a problem. In fact, trying to draw too many
distinctions without genuinely discernible differences
might be the more common error.
Now that I think about it, I don't see how the original
post could not have prompted a lot of differing responses.
The guidance given on APD is generally quite sound -- the
abstract generalizations yield good rewards for plants --
few if any plants would be punished by them<<

Since I started reading this list in 1997, and posting in 1999. I have seen
two distinct modes of thinking here: those who are most interested in detail
oriented, well documented, well supported discussion and arguements., led by
the people who are the grandfathers of this list or recognized by other
people as being authoritive,  and then those of us who are interested in
straight forward problem solving discussion based on experience or
anecdotes.  This is what other people typically call generalizations. When
one persons input in this forum becomes so dominate, it is not surprising
that many people who have different opinions based on more general anecdotal
experience may at times feel compelled to speak out, even if they become
accused of being to general.

>>Often the comments are along the
line that Tom's way isn't the only way -- ironically, Tom
more than anyone else has trumpeted different approaches
more than anyone else that I know of.<<

Only Tom's version of each approach!  :)  When other people speak up with
their own experience, trials and tribulations, then it won't matter who's
approach it is in question.

Robert Paul Hudson
Where's Nano?

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