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Re: [APD] Generalizations -- or General benefits, Corporeal Punishment, and Private Views

Well, the methods that most folks use, you could count them
on your fingers and have a few left over -- fingers, I
mean.  While one can make adjustments with any of the
parameters, the basic approaches are not so multitudinous
that they cannot be described as general approaches.

That a variety of approaches are or should be discussed on
APD comes up often enough. Often the comments are along the
line that Tom's way isn't the only way -- ironically, Tom
more than anyone else has trumpeted different approaches
more than anyone else that I know of.

While there were good points that could be taken from the
original comments about generalizations, the overall point,
in a general way, seemed to miss the point of most fo the
discussins on APD, and I think that is why it prompted
several differing responses. 

I don't want to overstress the importance of
generalizations, although perhaps I have been accused of
trying to do that more than others on the list. But I think
they are pretty important. In practice they seem tp work
quite well.  I like to refer to rules of thumb. I know
there's lots of ways to fiddle with any basic approach --
some fiddling works, some doesn't.

WPG is a good example. Any specific wpg isn't the optimum
lighting for every aquarium nor for every approach. And
some plants do better with more than less light. Which also
comes up often enough on APD. But the wpg guidelines, or
rules of thumb work out pretty good, especially compared to
the impracticality of the alternatives for most folks.

I think a good read of APD posts shows that overgenralizing
is rarely a problem. In fact, trying to draw too many
distinctions without genuinely discernible differences
might be the more common error.

Now that I think about it, I don't see how the original
post could not have prompted a lot of differing responses.

The guidance given on APD is generally quite sound -- the
abstract generalizations yield good rewards for plants --
few if any plants would be punished by them.

Scott H.
--- Billinet at aol_com wrote:
> Laura's post that started this thread  inspired many
> dissenting or partially 
> dissenting responses.  She said, essentially, that
> generalizations about 
> aquatic plant culture aren't particularly helpful since
> there are many approaches 
> that work.   I don't think many here disagree with that,
> although there are 
> other plant forums where the moderators to not appreciate
> any post that deviates 
> from their standard.
> So the dissents puzzled me.
> Bill
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