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[APD] Re: Problem with 175 W MH Light

Thanks for the information.  Yes, I sort of figured it is like what you
said.  When I looked at the bulb I could see the pre-heat citcuit.  I will
look up those ballasts if I ever need one.

I rewired the mogul socket exactly like it was done previously.  It should
last another 4 or 5 years.  I wish there was a way to get more air
circulation in there but where the wire nuts are is very confined.  It
lighted up beautifully with the old bulb.  Hopefully I'll get another year
out of the bulb.

Its funny, this happened as I was testing my home-made UV machine.  When I
smelled the smoke originally I thought I was burning up the ozone or
something.  :>)
Take a look at it at:


Just be aware that its all experimental.  But it is working nicely for the

Regards and thanks,

Steve Pituch

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