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[APD] Problem with MH light

I just had a problem with one of my two Hamilton 175 Watt MH pendant lights.
When one of the lights started to flicker on as they do, I heard a fizzling
noise.  I quickly looked a the bulb and the light was flickering as it made
the fizzling sound.  I looked at the top of the pendant, and smoke was
pouring out of it.  Then the GFCI went off and shut everything down.  I
unscrewed the bulb and it looks OK (not burned).  It has a ceramic socket.
The socket looks OK.

So I have to figure out what is broken.  It looks like there is a switch in
the bulb.  It was probably what was making the fizzling sound.  I wonder if
I need to just buy another bulb (after I inspect the wiring to the mogul
base), or do I need to take the power supplies apart (the good and bad one
for comparison) and see if the capacitor or transformer is bad.

Any advice on a plan of attack?  The bulb is about a year old (about 4000
hours on it).  It is a standard HomeDepot Phillips bulb.

Steve Pituch

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