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[APD] Re: Rotala rotundifolia

Hey gang,

Just for another angle, I used to grow tons of this
stuff in a non-co2 29gallon tank with a single 20w
strip. The R. rotundifolia would *regularly* creep
along the substrate. It made a fine foreground carpet.

Ever seen a carpet of Rotala? It's awesome, but I
can't get it to do that in my higher lighted tanks
with CO2 where it faithfully grows straight up. 

Just another tidbit while I'm thinking about it-- If
you want maximum number of coverage by this and other
similar stems, just plant one end and anchor the other
end (growing tip) down with a rock. After a few days,
it will sprout new stems and roots from each node.
This is an easy way to get tons of this plant with
little to start with. I wonder if this would work with
R. macrandra?....

Anyway-- HTH,

John Wheeler

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