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Re: [APD] Fwd: Re: Rotala rotundifolia

All light bulbs get steadily darker as they get older.
Non-phosphor LEDs might be an exception. But certainly all
incandescents, fluorescents, and sealed arc bulbs like MHs.

Luckily, they tend to burn out before they lose mroe than
about 10%-25% of their output. (IF you call that luck ;-) )

Scott H. 
--- Greg Fiske <gfiske at sbcglobal_net> wrote:
> "Weird thing happened.  After about a year my Rotala
> rotundifolia as 
> suddenly
> started growing sideways only instead of upward."
> Another thing that might have happened is that the light
> intensity dropped even though you didn't touch the
> lights.  I've noticed my 36 watt getting black at the
> ends of the bulb because I think there is not enough
> ventilation in my hood.  It finally showed in my plants,
> they all started growing very differently.  My Rotala
> started growing sideways (like it was trying to get as
> much light as possible) and my glosso straight up.

S. Hieber

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