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[APD] RE: Barr method

> Thomas Barr wrote:
> <-snip->
> >I'm not sure what to call any method really, just something that
> >grows the plants well whether you use CO2 gas, Excel or non carbon
> >enrichement. Those are the only methods I tend to think of.
> Tom,
> I hope you didn't take my putting the Barr Method in quotes in my previous
> post as some sort of subtle dig. 

Don't worry about it, I know that was never your intent. 
It's just figuring out what type of method you do so you can explain and
have some sort of sense of where you are at when descibing things to

It wasn't intended to be--I think its great
> that you get credited on the list considering all the great advice you
> dispense so freely. Matter of fact, you may want to seek a method patent
> get rich. ;)

Naw, I don't care what folks call it, it just weird to have my name
associated with something that is not _relatively_ my idea.
It's more PMDD, water changes(these are not my ideas certainly) and I have
other methods, beside this one I use etc. 

> By the way, I'll give the suggestions a try--dosing immediately after a
> water change is a lot easier than trying to remember something else to do
> the day before a water change.

Yes, if you do the 2x a week water change routine, then remembering is much
And that frequency puts you in a good trime frame for dosing.

Many folks don't want to do 2x a week water changes, but weekly is often
Some don't want any water change at all:-)

Take care,

Tom Barr

> Best,
> Dave

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