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[APD] Tonia

> If anyone is interested in the extremely rare Japanese
> plant Tonia, please email me.

Well, a few things:
1. This is Tonina species, not 'Tonia' unless there happens to be another genus I don't know about.
2. This is available from anyone who imports from Oriental Aquarium (several stores on West Coast plus many on Aquabid).
3. I'm guessing you are offering this for sale through your store in which case I think its bad form to spam the APD with a blatant advertisement like this. My apologies if you're giving it away for free as a hobbyist...

Other than that, its a very pretty plant, see: http://www.tonina-forest.net/ splash screen for a good aquascape using this plant. Most folks in Singapore report the low pH of the ADA Aquasoils are very helpful in growing this plant. It is a very slow grower, at least for the few people in the US I've spoken with who are growing this plant, but they aren't using the peat-based substrates those in the Far East prefer.

Jeff Ludwig
Elkton, MD

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