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[APD] moving to boston need advise

i have two tanks (135g and 75g) both with approx 3"to 4" of substrate ( 
florite with a good seeding of "pure" laterite ) both were heavily planted and in 
good condition when i started selling off the plants and fish ( 24 bags were 
auctioned at the AGA conf. with the proceeds, about $125 being sent to wilma 
duncan's Wilmas Home on the WEB, she says thanks a bunch!!). i moved a few plants 
into the 75g and plan on trying to do some bucket gardening in late feb as we 
are moving 1st week of March. I left the 135filled with water and filters 

i would like to know if i can salvage any of the substrate and how to do it. 
it will have to go on the moving van ( unless i am only taking a small amount 
for seeding) and in containers ( the tanks will be crated) and it will have to 
be removed from the tanks no later that 2/28 as they will start crating on 
March 1. Delivery will be March 8 and probably March 9 before i can get it into 
a tank. 

i offered it free to anyone with a bucket (no takers) and would still be 
happy to let at least half of it go now! but if there is no realistic way to move 
it without completely drying it out it may go in the flower beds. BTW the 
oldest substrate is less that 18months.

rich green 
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