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[APD] Plantex CSM

Hi Fellow APD'ers.

its that time of year again and in preperation for tax time, i need to move a small bit of my inventory out. I currently have five 1 lb containers of Plantex CSM + B available that i would like to offer to List members. Price to you guys is $15 per pound (plus $4 shipping - sorry out of the country folks, but USA residents only please). I normally only sell this mix by the ounce, but would like to give a lil something back to the list by offering this at its discounted bulk price to you guys only - expecially since this is a product thats out of productoin.

Please reply to this e-mail off list - first come first serve basis based on e-mail delivery time/date. I will notify the list when its all gone.

Berne Kairunas
Metro Detroit Aquatic Plant Supply - www.mdaps.biz
Webmaster and Executive Board Member
Greater Detroit Aquarium Society

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