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Re: [APD] RE: Generalizations/Plantically Correct

S. Hieber wrote:

Speaking of versatility, at the AGA convention in Houston
in Nov, 2002, Claus showed us slides of sword plants in
Brazil growing sumberged in "soil" that was pure calcium

That was the highlight of the convention for me. It made lots of people realize that what we THOUGHT we knew about aquatic plants wasn't necessarily correct.

I made the comment that if someone had entered a tank in
the AGA photo contest of a SA Biotope and had the pure
white substrate, I probably would have given it low marks!

Claus made the statement that plants considered "soft water
plants" did not require or even prefer soft water, they were
merely the ones most able to deal with soft water.  Soft water
is "empty" water.   The soft-water plants were growing
beautifully in the wild in water harder than most places here
in the USA.

One of these days I'm still planning to set myself up a
"South American" biotope tank with a pure calcium carbonate
substrate.   The plants in the photos sure looked happy.

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