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[APD] Sideways Rotala

Hi Pete,
yes, I had this happen to me also (well, not to me,
but to my rotala). I didn't know why, but it was in a
period where I was trying to figure out the best
dosing for my tank. Since then, I have yanked out all
my Rotala and gone with slower growing stuff. But I
did see that sideways thing happen at one point and
did not know why. 

Weird thing happened.  After about a year my Rotala
rotundifolia as 
started growing sideways only instead of upward.  It
used to grow tall 
few side shoots until it got close to the top of the
90gal and then it 
go sideways with lots of side growths if I let it grow
that long.  But 
after one of my prunings it's seems to only want to
grow sideways. All
shoots turn 90 deg, grow and try and spead out.
Haven't changed the lighting amount, it has some
tallish plants beside 
it to
'encourage' it to grow upwards.  Only thing I can
think of is after the 
pruning I planted the bunches a little more densily.

Anyone else notice this behavior?


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