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[APD] Riccia Fluitans

I'm new and have been lurking here a while but not yet up to speed.  I got a
55 gallon tank for Christmas and have been having a blast!
Yesterday I added some Riccia fluitans to my tank.  I used clear nylon
thread to attach some to various rocks and branches in my tank and that
looks great.  The problem is that now I have a lot of little bits of this
plant floating all over my tank.  Is this normal for this plant?  I've
scooped out at least half of this plant and still there is more floating.
I'm tempted to leave the rest since this is supposed to be a floating plant,
but every time any of this gets near my bio-wheel filter outlet it's sent
back underwater where some of it's getting stuck on my other plants. Any

P.s. One really nice effect I've created is with water wisteria.  I've tied
it to a horizontal branch and the roots are growing straight down through an
open area trying to reach the gravel, reminding me of mangrove roots.  (Yes,
just plain gravel :)


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