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RE: [APD] RE: 72 bow front/Barr method etc

Dave Nesom wrote:
>I'm wondering though, how this would stack up to the "barr method".

Thomas Barr wrote:
>I'm not sure what to call any method really, just something that
>grows the plants well whether you use CO2 gas, Excel or non carbon
>enrichement. Those are the only methods I tend to think of.


I hope you didn't take my putting the Barr Method in quotes in my previous
post as some sort of subtle dig. It wasn't intended to be--I think its great
that you get credited on the list considering all the great advice you
dispense so freely. Matter of fact, you may want to seek a method patent and
get rich. ;)

By the way, I'll give the suggestions a try--dosing immediately after a
water change is a lot easier than trying to remember something else to do
the day before a water change. I already add sodium bicarbonate to maintain
the KH so a few other dry ingredients in the mix should only add a few
seconds. Thanks for the suggestions.



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