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RE: [APD] Need fast growing, low light, low maintenance,

Duck weed (Lemna minor) perhaps? 

On Thursday, January 29, 2004 09:46, W C [SMTP:iceman_78_98 at yahoo_com]
> Hello,
> I'm looking for a floating plant for my 20 gallon
> aquarium. Unfortunately, I only have a 15 Watt
> Floruscent tube with it and I understand that just
> won't cut it for most aquarium plants. I've recently
> tried Water Sprite and had terrible results with it.
> Not only did it not grow, it also ruined my water
> raising the ammonia level to 5.0ppm as it slowly
> withered away. The Algae on the other hand had no
> problems using the light giving me a tank full of
> green water. 
> So I was wondering if someone can recommend a floating
> plant that 
> 1. is easy to take of
> 2. can live/grow under only 15 watt of light
> The other problem is finding floating plants for sale.
> It took me forever just to find a pot of Water Sprite
> for $6.00. It doesn't seem like that pet stores carry
> floating plants. Where is a good source for buying
> floating plants? 
> Thanks.
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