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[APD] RE: 72 bow front/Barr method etc

>I'm wondering though, how this would stack up to the "barr method". I do
>have ingredients to dry dose--it means something else I have to remember
>though. I'm not lazy about the maintenance just trying to make it easier to
>keep the regimen more consistent on an ongoing basis and spend more time
>viewing the tank instead of cleaning it. Essentially, the more things I
>to do (even small things) to the tank the more likely I am to procrastinate
>and let the whole thing go to pot.

>I'd love to hear comments suggestions and other feedback.


A couple of comments: with a higher fish load, 2x a week water changes do
I suggest this routine to Discus people typically but tend to do larger
water changes.
Your BBA and it's slight decline also indicate the CO2 is not quite high
enough. Test the probe, check to make sure there's enough making the pH
controller able to handle the late in the day CO2 demands.

If you are NOT adding KNO3, any source of K and PO4, you will see much
better plant health.

Since you have a moderate high fish load, you might consider less KNO3, say
1/4 teaspoon after each water change, 1/4 teaspoon of K2SO4 and an 1/16th
of KH2PO4.

You should see a decline in green spot when you add the PO4.
General plant health should be improved by adding these nutrients 2x a week.
Takes a few seconds, they are dirt cheap, and I've suggested a leaner
amount, you can try 1/2 teaspoon of KNO3 later if things look good. But you
also are doing smaller water changes which is another issue so I'll go more
conservative there. 

You can try one at time(say just KNO3) and then two(KNO3 and KH2PO4) and
then all three or just do all three, whatever you want to try. 

I'm not sure what to call any method really, just something that grows the
plants well whether you use CO2 gas, Excel or non carbon enrichement.Those
are the only methods I tend to think of.  

Tom Barr



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