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[APD] Excessive mail bouncing

I believe all mail coming from fins.actwin.com is being intermittantly blocked by AOL as spam.

The killietalk mailing list (also hosted on fins) has been experencing this problem also, Barry Cooper is probably most familiar with technical details of the situation, I'm not sure what they are doing about it. As a first step, please contact AOL and tell them their service is defective as I believe the problems are related to their attempts to block spam. After enough blocked mail, the mailing list software may drop your subscription as it thinks your email address is inactive. For those using AOL for business communications I would seriously consider getting a provider who provides reliable service.

If I recall correctly, Aquabid was also having the same problem for a while, there might be a way to tell the AOL filters not to block mail to your account from a specific domain. If there is not it appears AOL is making some decisions about who you can communicate with for you...


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