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[APD] Need fast growing, low light, low maintenance, floating plant


I'm looking for a floating plant for my 20 gallon
aquarium. Unfortunately, I only have a 15 Watt
Floruscent tube with it and I understand that just
won't cut it for most aquarium plants. I've recently
tried Water Sprite and had terrible results with it.
Not only did it not grow, it also ruined my water
raising the ammonia level to 5.0ppm as it slowly
withered away. The Algae on the other hand had no
problems using the light giving me a tank full of
green water. 

So I was wondering if someone can recommend a floating
plant that 
1. is easy to take of
2. can live/grow under only 15 watt of light

The other problem is finding floating plants for sale.
It took me forever just to find a pot of Water Sprite
for $6.00. It doesn't seem like that pet stores carry
floating plants. Where is a good source for buying
floating plants? 


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