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[APD] The addition of sodium bicarbonate (NaHC03) for kH replenishment & long term salinity effects in the freshwater planted aquarium.

I've been using NaHC03 to replenish lost kH buffering due to water changes over the last year and a half or more. I'm wondering if this might have an overall effect on the salinity of the freshwater planted aquarium over time. I'm certain that too much salt will have a damaging effect on the cell wall membranes of the plants. This was demonstrated to me early on in grade school science class on simple vegetable matter. My only question is to know if some of the added NaHCO3 breaks down into NaCl.

Anyone have the chemical background to say yes or no? And if adding NaHC03 over time is not a good idea, then would adding just Calcium Carbonate (CaC03) be a sufficient replacement? I happen to have an unlimited source of free technical grade CaC03. (No I can't supply everyone. You can buy it by the 50lb bag if you like however).

- Chris.
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