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[APD] RE: Vacation

> Hi,
> I have been using the Barr Method for two months and am very pleased 
> with the results. I will be on vacation for a week and will be unable to 
> dose. Will this change in routine for a week have any significant affect 
> on plant growth or cause a return of the algae I was so happy to see 
> disappear after a few weeks of the Barr Method. I just don't want to 
> have any surprises when I return. Any suggestions or am I just worried 
> over nothing.
> Dale

Dale, if you can, set out a little trace, and some dry fert's in a cup etc,
ask someone to dose once around mid week if possible. 

If not, reduce the lighting wattage, or alternatively the time the lights
are on, say from 11hs down to 8. 
Also, you can raise the lights away from the surface and that will reduce
lighting also.

It's not the end if you don't, it's only a week and nothing a prune, water
change and trim cannot take care.
I take vacations a lot, 10-18 days is starting to push things.
But I have some folks drop some stuff in for me.
Tom Barr  

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